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I'm willing to bet there is not a single other review on ALL of Yelp! that will be able to hold a candle to what Erica of Love Them and Leave Them Pet Sitting did for me and my family.  Through an act of what I later will come to consider as fate, I found Erica & her extraordinary pet sitting facility on Yelp!, a little over a year ago.  Over the course of the year our boys stayed with Erica at least 3 or 4 times.
During their last stay with Erica we actually found out we were moving off island......... Fast forward 2 months, we are preparing to board our flight from HNL - While left unattended, one of our dogs had fallen (in his crate) from an elevated luggage cart, causing his crate to rupture & him to shoot off in fear across airport grounds. After 3 weeks of rescue "efforts", he had been chased, cornered,& starved by the "professionals" at the airport.
Finally, we had the brilliant idea to call Erica. She was the ONLY other person our staffy ever took to; we knew she could possibly offer some advice on how to rescue him.  
If I had known the extent she would go to in order to save our baby's life, I don't know if I could have called her. You never think of a virtual stranger going out of their way for you like what Erica did for us. The SECOND she found out about the situation, she started developing a tactical plan. To prove the other reviewers claims that she's a genius when it comes to dog psychology, she immediately began doing things the "professional" wildlife organizations failed to do.  She built a den for our baby so he had somewhere safe to go for shelter, she took our things with our scent on it & spent hours dragging it through the area by where she built the den to ensure that he came back to that same place, & set food and water out for him to develop a feeding station.  Oh, & did I mention she CAMPED OUT for him every night just in case she could spot him. Do you know of any other pet sitters that would do that? Long story short, after only 1 week of her being involved, we had our baby back safely. Get this, after a week of searching, camping out, and no sleep, Erica took us in to her home so Victor could heal in a peaceful environment.  Who does that?!  It's hard enough having houseguests when you're fully rested & have nothing going on, she literally took us in when she had full kennels & was exhausted.
 Kelli (who is wonderful!) stepped in and helped run the kennels so Erica could help our little Victor. I could never thank them enough for what they have done. To sum up this novel of a review, in my eyes, Erica is a living, breathing saint & much more than a talented, knowledgeable, caring pet sitter.  I know with all my heart that had Erica not gotten involved I would not have my Victor sitting next to me snoring right now.  I'm just saying that if you want to know that your babies are in good hands while you're gone, with someone that cares very deeply about each & every pet & spends time with them to get to know them and help them acclimate, then this is the place for you. I write this knowing full well that I could never accurately put into words what Erica means to us, so I hope I got across to anyone looking for a pet sitter that you will never find anyone that compares to Erica, never.  Stop your searching here, you've found exactly what your baby needs.


Found our Angel in Erica at Love Them and Leave Them Pet Sitting Service.  2 years ago we needed to find someone to care for our German Shepherd Duke and were turned away by 2 establishments because he just didn't "fit in."  Erica took him on and put our mind at ease while we were away on our trip.  He was a little stand offish with her, but she kept at it and he eventually trusted her enough to let her throw his ball for him every day.  
Now here we are 2 years later and we need Erica again!  She was determined to get Duke to love her during his 1 week stay.   She definitely succeeded.  She explained to me that she sat in his kennel for a half hour with her back towards him until he was comfortable enough to approach her and sit with her.  Would an employee of a kennel do that for your pet?  I think not!    She happily emailed me pictures of Duke offering his paw as a sign of friendship and I was so relieved to see that he could be affectionate with someone other than our family.   I sing her praises to anyone who will listen and I'm so thankful that we found her!

Dukes mom....Babette Lareau
AMAZING   Ive boarded my dog Tanner numerous times the past 10 yrs.  I have never seen a kennel like this before.  Its more like my dogs on vacation then being boarded. The owner Erica is one of the nicest people, very down to earth, professional, knowledgable, and really seems to love what she does.  I had a couple of friends recommend her and when i called her she answered my questions and invited me to come over and see the kennel and have a look around before making my decision.  I did and was really really impressed.  The dog "park" is huge.  Its not the normal small fenced in concrete floor spaces that most kennels have.  Its a huge yard that's fenced in with a few smaller yards around it.  The place where the dogs sleep is really big and very homely...more like a dog hotel.  What made me really want to write a review on Yelp is a picture that Erica sent....yes she sends pics and updates of your pet....really cool...anyway, my dog has always taken months to warm up to people and thats being around them every day or so....two days after being boarded the picture she sent was of Tanner laying down and her resting her head on him while she took the pic.  I must have sent the picture to everyone i know that knows my dog and no one could believe what they were seeing.  So the picture told me that my dog was happy, she obviously spends alot of time interacting with them, and really takes care of them because if not there is no way my dog would have even sat still long enough that close to her for a pic.  I wish that all Kennels were as nice and loving as this one.  Please please just look at the website and you will see the difference.  AMAZING!!!!!!    
 I NEVER write reviews but I just HAD to rave about Love them and Leave them Pet Sitting Service. I would give them 100 stars if I could!!!!!  Erica is the sweetest, most bubbly woman you will meet : )  She's got the cutest English accent and has wonderful customer service skills.  She is very organized and professional.  She has an amazing way with animals and my two rascal dogs came home so much more calm than when we took them to stay w/ her.  They had a blast!!! You could see it in their eyes that they had the best time with Erica and her animal clan.  They were loved and well cared for and came home with normal digestive systems to boot (my one pup has a very delicate stomach and would come home w/ diarrhea anytime we would take her to puppy day care so we had to stop).  The property has a resident miniature horse who thinks its a dog & chickens. The property is in the country - I did not smell nor see any animal feces at all.        
We had looked around at other "cage-free" boarding services but they would not allow us to have our two dogs stay in the same kennel at night.  Erica understands the importance of keeping dogs from the same family together, The other boarding co we checked out would only allow dogs out for a few hrs here and there throughout the day, whereas Erica has them out all day and puts them to bed in their kennels only in the eve.
On the 5th day of their stay, my nervous dog had one of her panic attacks (which happens routinely at home) and she tore out of the kennel (We can't figure out  how she did it - it is metal and she isn't very big) and proceeded to try to chew her way through the chain link fence of the dog park area at 2:30am.  Luckily, Erica lives on the property and she heard the chewing and brought both of my dogs into their OWN home (she said she didn't want to leave the other one by herself)! 
Erica said she tried to contact us but being that we were in an area with bad cell reception, the call didn't go thru and she wasn't able to leave a msg.  She didn't want to call my emergency contact b/c she was afraid they wouldn't understand my nervous dog's panic attack and would get mad at the dog and it wasn't the dog's fault.  She also didn't want to disrupt my dog any further.  I figured that after this episode, my dogs would NOT be welcome back under any circumstances but before I could even mention it she told me that she would gladly have them back again anytime and that she "wouldn't be a true animal lover if she only accepted the perfect ones."  AMAZING!  THIS WOMAN IS A SAINT!  She went on to compliment my pups about their sweetness despite all of the damage they had done!!!  I LOVE HER!!  She has such a way with animals, speaking to them so sweetly but also making sure to remain alpha.
I figured that after I brought my doggies home, they would be totally nuts and wound up and that they would have no manners again (which is what would happen after puppy day care at another facility).  I figured that my nervous dog would be exponentially worse - a nervous wreck..... BUT NO!! They came home new dogs!  I don't get it!!  They are not as barky as before, they are both very calm and content.  My nervous dog only hyperventilated once since being home (usually she hyperventilates 2 or more times a day for any reason at all).  My nervous dog eats very well now (she used to have to be coaxed to eat).  They are just much more pleasant and calm.  Not sure what Erica did but whatever it was, my husband and I are thrilled!  
I almost don't want to rave about this service b/c I'm afraid word will get out and the next time we need to board our pups, Erica won't have any availability.  But she's too good to keep a secret : )  You will not be disappointed!!!
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