Pet Sitting Service, Hawaii - FULLY INCLUSIVE Luxurious RESORT for all your pets !
Let us know how many pets you wish us to board and your proposed dates of travel. Don't forget to tell us what type of pet you have. (sorry no husbands or teenagers!)
If you just want to come by and see us one day, let us know when works for you and we will try our best to give you a tour ! Some clients ask us about business hours ....
What are they ????  We are not an office !!! We never quite understand why boarding facilities state office hours you can visit .....  We are a pet sitting facility ....You can collect (and bring) your pet any day of the year ... any time during daylight hours - including Christmas day at no extra charge.
We are on the property all the time with our furry friends, playing fetch, bathing them or cleaning kennels etc., so if you have an early weekend flight or a later departure, we will work with you on your schedule as best we can.
There are no set collection or drop off hours. All we ask is that you drop off or collect during daylight hours ...
.....Obviously on occasions we have vet appointments and viewings or we may be walking dogs etc. but we will always try to help you out any day of the week, any hour during daylight, just ask ! When a new dog arrives, we donate an hour of undivided attention to that new dog, so as he or she is comfortable here with their new friends so you do need to arrange a time with us - but we will do our best to show you around whenever is good for you.
We never share your information with other companies.
Aloha nui.

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