Pet Sitting Service, Hawaii - FULLY INCLUSIVE Luxurious RESORT for all your pets !
Love Them and Leave Them pet sitting service now offer "in home" pet sitting.

We will happily come to your home to walk your dog, feed your cats, birds, rabbits or other small pets for a flat rate cost - depending on where you live, not the number of pets you share in your life.
We calculate cost via Google maps for distance.
Please contact us for a quote if your area is not listed below.

If you are in the Leeward area from Wai'anae to Nanakuli/Mai'ili  we offer an hour visit with your pet(s) in your home for $30 a day/$45 for two 45 minute visits a day.

An over night stay is $55 (Over night is from the hours of 8:30pm through 6:00am), offering company for your pets in their own environment. This is especially good for senior pets, blind pets, dogs that bark when alone, or, totally spoiled pets who like to sleep on the bed and be cuddled all night !

This cost is for one or multiple cats, dogs, birds etc. ! We do not charge by the number of pets in your home. However we can only offer walks for one or two WELL trained dogs on a leash.

Services included;

* Feeding your pet(s), your provided diet - be it kibble, raw food diet, canned etc.,

* Washing feeding bowls etc. after they eat.

* Providing fresh water daily.

* Walking WELL TRAINED dogs (limit of two) for a nice energetic walk/or nice leisurely stroll for the old timers.

* Cleaning and emptying cat litter boxes/ bird cages/ rabbit runs etc..

* Cleaning up after your dog on walks or in your yard.

* Letting multiple (or those naughty dogs !) out to play in your fully fenced, secured yard.

* Playtime/interaction/affection to your pet(s).

* Watering of indoor plants, bringing in mail.

* We can take possession of your key or collect from a neighbor on each visit, whichever you prefer.
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